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  • Welcome to Keswick Public School
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An atmosphere of intellectual stimulation and an easy, interactive relationship between the teacher and the taught pervades the classroom, fostering academic excellence.

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Sports is an integral part of the timetable. The rich experience of being part of a team is rewarding; building character, teamwork, endurance, discipline and overall wellbeing.

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Creative and artistic expression is encouraged. Music, choir, dance, drama and the fine arts have a place in the curriculum.

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Established in 1989, Keswick Public School is a Christian, co-educational, English medium school affiliated to The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

Our mission is to provide a rigorous and broad education committed to excellence within the context of an environment that lays special emphasis on character building and strong ethics.

The spacious child-friendly campus features bright airy classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, libraries, games fields, open grounds and spaces with facilities for an enriching, balanced and wholesome education. Keswick is conducive to learning for children of all ages.

When you walk in – there’s a lot to see.
It’s got plenty of space and many a tree
Basketball courts and a huge playground
with a lot of noise and children abound.
A beautiful chapel to sing and pray –
right in the middle, to show the way!
Choir, dance, music and many a play
are a huge part of life here every day!
Want a balance of life, fun, games and study?
Keswick: that’s right where you want to be!

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The Keswick Public School is a Christian, co-educational, English medium school, imparting full, liberal and comprehensive education.

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Lights, camera, action! A place for music, dance and drama.

An atmosphere of intellectual stimulation and an easy, interactive relationship between the teacher and the taught pervades the classroom.

Every child’s potential is fostered, stretched and nurtured. Innovative and exciting learn – by – doing academic experiences keep active the spark of wonderment and exuberance.

The child is encouraged to do and be his best. He is challenged to reach for the stars. Excellence is the bar.

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The school fosters a high degree of competence in several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Physical education is compulsory; major games are played. Field trips, camps and hikes provide our children with a further dimension of activities.

Diverse experiences that build confidence as well as leadership are structured into the curriculum, be it sports, workshops, outbound field trips, camping, art, music, dance or competitive and non competitive events. SUPW is a compulsory component.

Education develops in the body and soul of the pupil all the beauty and all the perfection he is capable of. - Plato


China Symposium

In March 2017 four students, travelled to Nanjing on an international student exchange programme to make a presentation at the WEA Symposium on Water Preservation. Congratulations team Balaji, Yaamini, Akil and Lydene on an outstanding presentation!

Malaysian Holiday

During the summer of 2017, our senior teachers took a few days off to visit the beautiful country of Malaysia. The international travel experience was a memorable recreational expedition of learning, fun and laughter.

Mt. Everett Workshop & Gala, USA

Gabriella and Balaji of Class XII were invited to a WEA Poetry & Music Workshop and Gala at Mt. Everett Regional High School, USA in October 2017. They presented traditional Tamil poetry with an entertaining Villu Pattu at the local theatre, much to the delight of the audience.